Fire and Allied Insurance

Standard fire policy will cover client business and private dwelling buildings, office equipment, furniture, household goods and personal effects, etc against Fire, Lightening & Explosion. It can be extended to cover other causes (perils) such as flood, windstorm, impact damage, etc.

The following are also allowable extensions to the Policy:

  • Fire Business Interruption/Loss of Profits

The consequences of fire outbreak are not limited to material damage to insured property only.  It goes beyond that, to the interruption of business which may result to reduction or entire loss of earnings whilst some recurrent expenses/overheads continue to be incurred.

The Business Interruption Extension to the standard Fire and Allied Perils Insurance Cover indemnifies for financial loss resulting from reduction in earnings or increased cost of working following damage by fire and /or Allied Perils.  Ordinarily, gross profit, wages, auditor’s fees, loss of rent etc are protected.

  • Loss of Rent (Extension to Fire Policy)

The Standard Fire Insurance Policy can be extended to cover Loss of Rent as a result of damage to the building insured herein by fire or any insured peril.

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